Welcome to Ryhmä

Ryhmä means group – and it’s much more than just a name.
It’s an attitude and a way to work. It’s us. And us means all our clients, too.

This is Ryhmä

Commercial success stories – they are the one and only reason why we do marketing, advertising, brand building and productions. In Ryhmä, creative work and production planning happen around the same table so ideas won’t be lost in bureaucracy but start turning into reality straight away. We have years and years and years of experience about the industry. It may show in some of the faces, but never in the level of enthusiasm.

RYHMÄ Creative
RYHMÄ Creative

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New Business
Pertti Pällijeff
+358 50 310 0699

Päivi Lång
+358 40 021 5152

Elina Raitis
+358 50 5344248

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Business ID 2859305-5

Here we are
Hämeentie 15 (entrance Lintulahdenkatu 2), 00500 Helsinki

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